The Language Institute

The Language Institute has a program to meet your needs, schedule and budget. Personalized service and a free consultation allow us to develop a customized program that’s right for you.

Private Lessons — Offer the most flexibility and convenience. Completely personalized, you learn and progress at your own pace because the time is completely yours. Materials, curriculum and approach are developed to meet your needs, level and interests.

Semi-Private Lessons — Share the experience and the cost yet maintain an intimate and highly personalized learning experience. Enroll with a learning companion or we will find one for you.

Group Lessons — The most affordable way to go and ideal for those who prefer the interaction of a group. Form your own group with a minimum of 3 students or we will place you with compatible students. With a maximum class size of 5 students, instruction remains very personalized so you don’t get lost in a crowd!

On-Site Classes — Let The Language Institute design a customized on-site program for your business, school, organization or group.

Customized Programs — The Language Institute will develop a customized program for you. We can accommodate you with an immersion program or develop a curriculum tailored to your level, needs and interests.

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